Of all the marvelous miracles I have been privileged to see around the world and across Canada, the healing of Clubfeet has to be the most visibly amazing as it is the only miracle I know of where you can, at a single glance, readily see both much of the ‘BEFORE’ physical condition and the ‘AFTER’ physical condition all in a single picture.

When God instantly opens the eyes of the blind, gives hearing to the deaf, restores speech to the mute or heals the cripple, you may see the condition or problem before prayer and you can see the results after prayer, but with the miraculous healing of Clubfeet you can literally see much of the before and after effects all in a single glance – as such I believe this has to be one of God’s most amazing and undeniable miracles of physical healing.img114 - Copy (3)

The images contained herein readily reveal how the feet had previously been turned upside down and backwards as well (as was the case with this little 8-year old girl’s foot since birth).

When God Almighty touches them by His Spirit and instantly flips the twisted deformed feet around and makes them upright and straight you can instantly see the amazing results because the person has spent their lifetime walking on what is now the real and proper top of the foot and the calloused, yellowish-white skin (especially in the case of all darker skinned people) that has spent a lifetime on the bottom of the foot being walked upon and hardened with callouses has now suddenly and miraculously been flipped over to the top and the bottom of the foot is now the much softer, un-calloused, supple brown skin that had previously been on top.

img114 - Copy (4)Hence anyone can see at a single glance that God has obviously done a marvelous work in recrafting the twisted bones, ligaments and tendons and flipped the entire foot around to its normal and proper position. What can one say except To God be all the Glory!

The images attached herein are of two such tremendous miracles that took place on one of my first mission trips to Papua New Guinea in 1986 and clearly reveal the first two instances of many such amazing miracles of clubfeet being turned over that we have witnessed.

Clubfoot is primarily a congenital defect and most children who suffer from this deformity were born that way and if not treated within their first year or so will generally worsen until by the age of two or so they become basically untreatable as the child suffers with the deformity and social stigma attached to the condition.

img114 - Copy (5)This is a worldwide malady but most cases are seen in developing nations and according to medical records the highest affliction rate appears to be in the islands of Polynesia – which is where these two children were miraculously healed of clubfeet of the most serious and acute kind as the little girl had one foot completely upside down and backwards and the little ten-year old boy had suffered with both of his feet turned completely backwards and twisted upside down – which is about the absolute worst and most extreme the clubfoot condition can become – but nothing is too twisted or too hard for our mighty God to correct.

The amazing miracles for these two precious children took place in the Laigam campaign in Papua New Guinea but they were not the only instances of clubfeet being healed that we have been privileged to witness – as we saw the Lord do the same kind of miracles in the Nipa, Mendi and Wabag campaigns on that first trip to PNG in 1986 and since that time I have been privileged to see many more of the same incredible type of miracles on a few of my following missions trips into Papua New Guinea as well as in several miracle campaigns in India, Africa, Pakistan, Nagaland and a number of other countries. To God be all the Glory!

Oh that more would take to heart the wonderful faith-building words of our Lord Jesus Christ in Mark 9:23

“If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes”
Mark 9:23



No, this is not some bizarre report from the National Inquirer – this is Mestowat’s story of the incredible power of the Living God that transformed her life.

img342At the age of one, Mestowat fell out of a very high double-bunk bed and her leg was seriously injured. Not only did this unfortunate accident leave her crippled for life but the leg did not grow properly and nineteen years later, at the age of twenty, her leg was not only much slimmer, atrophied and muscle deficient but it was also well over six inches shorter than the healthy uninjured leg. The only way for her to walk upright was to bend far over, grasp the knee firmly between both hands for support, and push the frail short leg down until the toes of that leg touched the ground – which required a tremendous amount of exertion and cumbersomeness for each hobbled step.

img393She had been brought for several days to the campaign in the stadium in Zwaye, but for reasons obviously known only to God she did not receive a miracle during the campaign. Following the last testimony service in the Zwaye stadium, I felt a strange urgency to inform the crowd that, “This is not over … even if you have not received your miracle here during the meetings, God will go home with you … believe Him for a miracle and whatever He tells you to do – DO IT!

img343About an hour later after her family had brought her home late in the night from the stadium, she was sitting with others in the family house when she suddenly heard a Voice say, “JUMP!” She thought to herself, “I cannot jump … I am crippled.”

But then she heard the Voice speak again, much louder and with more authority, “JUMP!” After the second or third time hearing the Voice say “Jump” she remembered the closing instructions I gave in the stadium and she realized it must be the Voice of God speaking to her, so she decided to obey the Voice and with a surge of fresh found faith boldly jumped from her chair, and when she did her crippled short emaciated leg instantly grew out over six inches longer to the exact same length as the healthy leg.

The entire family went wild with praise to the Living God and were up all night long praising, singing and dancing in worship to Christ, and many of their neighbours hearing the commotion joined them in praise to God.

img344Early in the morning a local Ethiopian evangelist who had joined in the all-night celebration came running all the way over to the compound where I was staying along with well-known PAOC missionary to Africa, Brian Rutten, who was the one who had coordinated all our Ethiopian campaigns, shouting and praising God and telling us we must come and see the amazing miracle the Lord had done.

Both Brian and I were truly amazed at this incredible miracle which by then was already beginning to stir the entire town – as Jesus Christ had indeed proven Himself alive and well in the town of Zwaye Ethiopia – and He had done it all on His own with no pastor or evangelist present so that no one could attribute the miracle to any man. It was (and always is) the power of the Living God and only God gets the glory!

We had to leave for another huge campaign scheduled in Ethiopia, but one week later Pastor Rutten and I returned to Zwaye and met again with Mestowat who now exuberantly told us that not only had God instantly grown her leg out more than six inches in length, but since the initial miracle the withered leg had miraculously grown in girth as well with new muscle, flesh and strength to the same size around as the other one.

What an incredible confirmation to the scripture, “All things are possible to Him that believes” – to those who will act on God’s Word which is His voice to all of us.
So if you hear God speak to you … in any area of your life … regardless of how impossible the situation appears … JUMP in the Name of Jesus Christ!

Or as Peter said to the lame man at the Temple Gate Beautiful…

“Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.”

Acts 3:6



img665 (2)It was 1983 on our first of several missionary trips to New Zealand and a myriad of dynamic campaigns that we held our first series of meetings in Palmerston North.

Unbeknown to us, a young lady, Sue Bowden, who was in her fourth month of pregnancy had just completed another of many trips to her local doctors. Numerous tests, scans and various check-ups over the last couple weeks had revealed conclusively that her precious little baby had died inside her and was dead in the womb and an abortion was imperative as the little baby was already beginning to decay inside her body. The doctors told her that due to the amount of time the baby had already been dead inside and the amount of decay taking place that the procedure would be very intrusive and various reproductive organs removed meaning that she would never be able to get pregnant again or to give birth to a child.

The distraught young Catholic girl left the hospital, deeply depressed and seriously contemplating suicide because her dream of motherhood would never be. As she walked down the sidewalk, tears running down her cheeks, wondering why life had dealt her such a miserable turn of events, she looked toward heaven, and cried out, “Why God, why!” And then she cried out, “God, if you are really real, you need to reveal yourself to me!”

She had no sooner uttered these words when she saw a crumpled up piece of paper that someone had scrunched up and tossed away and in frustration and despair she gave it a good kick and watched it scuttle down the sidewalk in front of her. When she reached it the second time she was going to kick it again, but instead decided to pick it up and un-crumpled it. It was a handbill – and the big bold caption across the top read, “MIRACLE CRUSADE with Canadian Evangelist Len Lindstrom.”

img319With a glimmer of hope, Sue Bowden placed the crumpled flyer in her pocket, and was shocked upon arriving home to have her sister excitedly place another fresh identical flyer in her hand – and she immediately sensed that perhaps this was a God ordained coincidence and it was God’s confirmation for her to attend the meetings.

That night in the packed out Palmerston North Town Hall, Sue Bowden responded to the altar call for salvation along with more than 120 hungry repentant souls who came forward to receive Christ.

Now watch this – Sue Bowden was not individually prayed for, hands were not laid on her as is common Biblical practice, no one anointed her with oil, and no prayer was yet given for healing which would happen later in the service. She simply knelt down and called on the Lord along with many others for forgiveness and to accept Christ into her heart and life as personal Lord and Savior.

As she prayed that simple little prayer for salvation, suddenly the baby came back to life inside her womb and she felt the first ever fluttering of small kick, kicks of fresh vibrant life in her belly.

img666When she returned to her doctor, he, as well as the other medical professionals involved, were totally shocked and amazed beyond belief to find that fresh medical tests revealed a perfectly healthy, living, 3½ month old baby fetus in her womb – where all the tests before over the last couple weeks had registered death and decay within.

Sue returned to the campaign, now a bubbling joyful girl, to share the wonderful news of what Christ had done and the next time we saw her was two years later during another great miracle campaign in Palmerston North and that time she brought her healthy little 19 month old baby boy with her – a very happy and thankful mother who had personally experienced the amazing resurrection reality of our Lord Jesus Christ in such a marvelous and powerful display of God’s love and power.

We need all remember the powerful faith building words of the Apostle Paul in Romans 8:11 – a dynamic truth that is both applicable and available all the way from the Womb to the Tomb – and on into a glorious eternity!

“But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you”

Romans 8:11



Talk about an amazing miracle to kick off what would be the first of many dynamic miracle campaigns around the beautiful country of New Zealand, over several trips, all of which were set up by our long-time Kiwi friend and Christian businessman, Dale Tooley, who had a tremendous zeal for God and a burning desire to see the miracle flow of God’s power and presence in his home country – and God certainly did not disappoint as was evidenced right from the first campaign in the Masterton Town Hall in 1984.

img308 - CopyAmongst the many people who packed out the little town hall that first night was Jill Karst who was a medical nurse in the local hospital and who had been suffering with cancer in her stomach and various other organs for a long time and despite several medical treatments had been finally given up to die.

As a last resort, when she heard the advertising and excitement about a miracle campaign in her home town she thought she may as well give God a try as everything else had failed and she had nothing more to lose – as by that time she was basically at the point that she needed God to heal her or she was at the brink of death.

She responded to the altar call for salvation and then stayed at the front for prayer for healing, and it was obvious she was suffering with intense pain, so after praying with her I told her, exactly as I commonly told anyone and everyone with a similar condition, to act on the Promises of God, thank God for healing, and push where the pain was – to bury her hands like knives as deep as she could into her stomach and she would feel no pain. She tentatively tried it the first time with a gentle little push and sure enough, her face suddenly lit into a surprised grin and then she began to jab more and more vigorously and deeper and deeper into her stomach from every angle, wonderfully shocked that she felt absolutely no pain at all.

img305I told her to give God all the glory and to thank Him for what His word declares – that “by His stripes we were healed” – and that she should accept that scripture as God’s very own personal promise to her and that she should personalize the truth by declaring, “By His stripes (I) am healed,” and that if any pain or symptoms attempted to come back on her to boldly and forcefully repeat the promise that she was healed by the stripes of Christ – which is not some kind of mind over matter as some may think, but rather the simple exaltation of the powerful Word of God over both your mind and your matter and any negative condition in one’s health or body.

Jill went home feeling great that evening and retired very happy for the night, only to wake up some hours later with a deep stirring in her stomach and feeling as though something was churning and moving around inside her abdomen.

Remembering God’s promise as I had told her, she thanked the Lord that she was healed by His stripes, and then had a strong sensation that she had to go to the washroom to have a bowel movement – and when she did she was absolutely stunned to discover she had actually passed a massive grotesque looking raw tumor which had somehow detached from all her internal organs and had passed out of her body along with the normal refuse.

Now most people would take one look at that big ugly mess of a killer growth and quickly flush it away, but Jill Karst was a professional medical nurse, so she reached down into the toilet bowel and swished that big ugly tumor around until it was somewhat cleaned off and then placed it in a clear plastic sack.

img308The next day when she went to the hospital she said she put that big ugly tumor in the plastic sack inside a second brown paper sack so as not to offend anyone and then took it down to the doctor’s office where she plunked it on the center of his desk, boldly declaring, “Jesus Christ has healed me.”

She testified that the doctor took one look into the sack, saw the big ugly tumor, and with eyes wide with amazement, said, “He surely has.”

Who but the Living God could do such a thing – and what marvelous love and compassion He has for all people – if we would only believe Him and believe His Word which He watches over to perform – especially the heart and crux of the Gospel concerning what He paid such an incredible sacrifice to obtain for each and every person on planet earth when He took our place on the cross, as succinctly summed up in the words of Isaiah 53:6 “But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.”

The Old Testament prophet Isaiah had foretold what Christ would accomplish on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins, the salvation of our spirits, the deliverance and peace so desperately needed for our minds and the divine healing of our physical bodies – 700 years before Christ the Creator even came down to earth – so it should be no surprise that when the Apostle Peter proclaimed the same truth following the death and resurrection of Christ, he wrote about it in the past tense, no longer a promise for some future date but a present reality fulfilled and already paid for by Christ’s atoning vicarious work and a vibrant living promise filled with “dunamis” Holy Ghost power that we can hold to and receive right now in this present world where it is so desperately needed by so many.

“Who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness—by whose stripes you were healed”

1 Peter 2:24



It is always easy for skeptics to hear glowing reports of miracle healings overseas and for them to ask why such dynamic miracles only happen in foreign countries but I thank God we have been privileged to see absolutely outstanding miracles all across our own nation of Canada – from one end to the other of this great domain – and one such outstanding miracle took place in Powell River BC on the first night of a tremendous tent campaign there.

img127 (2)One evening in May 1988, Stan Wilson, a local businessman in Powell River, had discovered that the sink in the back room of his store was clogged up, so he systematically went about attempting to unplug it himself by pouring Drano into the sink, after which he plunged it but nothing happened and the sink was still clogged solid.

Drano is a powerful chemical composition filled with lye that has been specially designed and formulated to rapidly dissolve and burn its way through grease, fat, hair, flesh and any and all organic materials that generally clog drainages.

When Stan saw there was still no water or refuse flowing through he repeated the process and poured more Drano into the sink and still there was no release. The third time he poured a huge amount of Drano into the sink hole and plunged it hard again but there was still no effect except that by now the Drano was starting to react and steam a little. At that point Stan bent over and tried to look down into the sinkhole to see what was blocking the drain and then suddenly, just as he was bent over peering into the hole with both eyes wide open, the powerful steaming Drano chemicals reacted and erupted like a bomb straight up into his face filling both eyes.

DranoHe began to scream as the powerful chemicals began burning their way into his eyes. Flailing about and screaming for help, he stumbled out of the back end of the store into the main retail area but no one was there to help him. Eventually someone arrived and transported him to the local hospital where the emergency doctor attempted to clean out the chemicals.

As the doctor repeatedly washed and gently swabbed at the grey mushy mess in Stan’s eye sockets, he finally and sadly shook his head in dismay and declared, “I am sorry Stan, this grey mushy mess is not the residue of the chemical Drano as I had hoped – it is only what is left of your eyes.”

Further testing and numerous visits to the doctor found that the life had been burned completely out of the one eye leaving it totally dead (lifeless) and completely blind without the ability to even see a glimmer of bright light. The other eye had just the slightest bit of vision, but only enough to see a black blur if someone passed by directly in front of him against a light source but it was impossible for him to tell if it was a man or woman or to see anything that was even the slightest bit distinguishable.

Over the next month the doctors made plans and arrangements to remove the right eye that was completely dead and further deteriorating in the socket (literally beginning to rot) and to replace it with a glass eye for appearance sake and they suggested trying to do a cornea transplant on the other eye in an attempt to at least bring a little vision to the one eye, but it was gravely feared that the numerous scars were burned too deep into that eye as well for the operation to be successful. As such Stan Wilson was labeled as totally clinically blind in both eyes with very little if any hope of any kind of recovery.

Then our tent campaign came to town, completely unplanned but suddenly slipped into our busy summer schedule for five days of meetings, and as the altar call was given that very first Wednesday night – June 8, 1988 – I watched as a tall slim man wearing black glasses and being escorted by two friends, one on each side, was led to the front. I could see him standing there in front of the stage at the right hand end of the prayer line weeping profusely with thick streams of tears running out from behind the black glasses – and being as I was already at that end of the stage the pastors beckoned me towards him.

As he removed his black glasses I found myself looking into the remains of two grey mushy milky-colored eyes and despite attempting to muster up sufficient faith within myself to pray for him, I never said a word to him but instead turned and headed towards the other end of the prayer line saying to myself, Lord, I cannot heal those messed up eyes.

now I know there are preachers and evangelists who readily proclaim they can heal the sick, but this is one evangelist who has always said I cannot – but of course I do know who can – and I will never forget how God instantly spoke that night into my heart, “No, son, you cannot heal him – you cannot heal anybody – I and I alone am the Healer!” How true!

img131So I started at the far end of the prayer line, taking my time as I prayed one by one for all the people until there was only one person left waiting – Stan Wilson, the totally blind man with nothing but grey mush for eyeballs – and as it came his turn for prayer the tears were still streaming down his cheeks.

He had already prayed the sinner’s prayer earlier that evening along with many others, but I prayed with him again to accept Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior, just to make sure, and then with the Four Square Church pastor, Rev. Fred Plank, on one side and the Pentecostal Church pastor, Rev. David Ball, on the other side, I placed my hands over Stan’s burned out eyes, looked up towards heaven, and asked the Living God to do the impossible.
The moment I took my hands off his eyes he suddenly began shouting, “I can see, I can see, I can really see, Pastor Fred, I can see, Joe, I can see!” The entire tent full of people who were just about all from the small British Columbia town of Powell River knew the condition of Stan’s eyes and the story of what had happened to him and now as they heard him shouting that he was healed they immediately erupted into jubilant praise – some weeping for joy, others shocked and shouting praise as the glory of the Living God filled the place – and in a mere matter of moments the altars were suddenly packed with hundreds more people wanting prayer and blessing. Needless to say, faith had exploded and the campaign was truly on as miracles began to pop down the line one after another for several people.

img128Stan went home on his own that night without an escort and stayed up late experimenting with his new eyes as he read his freshly received Bible with both eyes – switching back and forth, first reading with the one that had been clinically blind but could see a bit of light – and then covering that eye he read passages of fine print scripture with the eye that had been completely dead and beginning to rot in the socket and as such had been scheduled for removal. The next night he returned to the Gospel tent campaign and demonstrated his miracle by reading several passages with either eye in front of the rapidly swelling congregation.

Understand, basically everyone in town knew who Stan was and as such they knew this was no set-up, no religious sham, no spiritual huckster’s hoax and no evangelist’s exaggerated tale. Stan Wilson, a local businessman who had recently undergone a tragic event, had been truly touched by the creative healing delivering power of the Living God. As a result over the next five days many committed their lives to Christ and many received great miracles of healing, and many who had attended church for years experienced the tremendous reality and power of God for the first time in their lives – as one man jubilantly told everyone he met, “Twenty years I’ve been a Christian and tonight I saw my first real miracle. Hallelujah!”
Of course the doctor was absolutely astounded, and then later somewhat dubious as it was reported he told Stan, “I can’t explain it, I don’t know how it happened, but don’t be too excited as it probably won’t last.” But Stan went back to work and continued doing great and testifying to almost everyone he met – and here’s the best part – despite such an amazing miracle of healing he did not emphasize his physical miracle but rather would state that the biggest blindness which had enveloped him was spiritual blindness to the goodness and reality of Jesus Christ.

He said, “That is where my real blindness was and how deep my need of Christ was. My physical blindness only allowed me to see what a wretch I truly was spiritually.” He gave God all the glory as he led people to Christ one after another.

The last time I seen Stan was several years later when Pastor Fred Plank and I met him on a BC Ferry crossing over from Vancouver Island and both his eyes were still seeing fine and he was still telling people about Jesus – a true miracle of God’s divine grace – and it happened right here in my home province of BC Canada.

Remember, the same Jesus who heals, blesses and saves the masses overseas is the same wonderful healing saving Jesus available to all of us wherever we may be.

“Jesus Christ, the same, yesterday, today and forever”
Hebrew 13:8

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It is always wonderful to see a flood of tremendous miracles in mass campaigns around the world, and marvelous to see them happen all across one’s own country as well, but I am sure most would agree there is no time, place or situation where the promises of God become more precious and more meaningful than when one needs a miracle in their own family and for a special loved one. The following miracle is one of several outstanding miraculous healings Jesus did within our own family – this one for our wonderful son Michael Lee Lindstrom – for which we shall be ever grateful to the Lord.

552761_10151104306632386_1435058882_n[1]This happened when Michael was only 8 years old, on a warm Sunday afternoon in 1983 as we were invited for lunch after church in Kelowna to the Mt Boucherie home of long-time friends, Ed and Linda Schupsky, and Mike went out riding on a BMX bike in his typical “Evil Knievel” dare-devilish fashion with their son Drake, which radical bush trail ride ended in a very traumatic accident as his eye was punctured right through to the back of the eye by a thick hooked shank of barbed wire that should have left him totally blind in that eye or, as the doctor said, most likely resulted in it deteriorating to the point it would have to be removed all together – but for he the marvelous grace and power of the Living God.

The amazing miracle he received was fully confirmed and substantiated by two of Kelowna’s most well-known eye specialists of the time, first by Dr. Bob Smith and later by Dr. Philip Cody, neither of whom in all their years of medical practice had ever seen such an amazing and (in-the-natural) inexplicable miracle of divine healing take place.

But I am going to let Michael tell his story in his own words as it is so powerfully written and includes more recent events which reveal the everlasting love of our God who never leaves, forgets or forsakes us and are so moving that the story brings tears to this father’s eyes every time I read it – but I will add in a few brief points at the end which are not mentioned in his article.

Here is the story in Michael’s own words basically as it was posted as a testimony on his Facebook wall on March 11 2012.


Written by Michael Lee Lindstrom

March 11, 2012 at 8:01pm

Allow me to set the stage and take you back to 1983. I was 8 years old, it was mid-summer, my father had just finished a 40 day consecration of fasting and prayer, and our family had been invited over for lunch after church by some close friends.

So while my friend Drake and I were waiting for lunch we decided to take his bikes out for a quick ride. I was riding his BMX fast and hard down a dirt trial lined with a barb wire fence. An unexpected tight corner approached and I realized the borrowed bike didn’t have brakes. I shot past the corner, off the trail, and straight into a mess of barb wire.

252645_10151104307537386_880444277_n[1]My left eye was pierced through the cornea and all the way to the back of the eye. My friend ran for help and my father came to the rescue. When my father heard that I was hurt he jumped over the balcony railing that was on the second floor and hit the ground running for me. The scripture that immediately came to my father’s mind was – “No evil shall befall you and NO PLAGUE SHALL COME NEAR YOUR DWELLING”. Psalm 91:10.

When he reached me my dad took one anxious look and seeing the red cuts over and under my eye and a big grey lump of eyeball matter protruding out of the center of my left eye which had been pulled out by the hooked barb wire shank, he laid his hands over my eyes and cried out to God in prayer for me, and then picked me up off the dirt and helped me back to the house where we were visiting that Sunday afternoon for lunch.

When we got back to the house I told them my sight would go from bright unbearable white light as if I was staring directly into the noon day sun and then it would switch to a pitch black, a blackness that I had never experienced before, a darkness that can’t be described with mere words except to say 100% absence of light. This went back and forth until finally all I experienced was utter darkness. I was totally blind in that eye.

My parents immediately took me to an eye Doctor who was kind enough to drive to his office that Sunday afternoon, and all the way to the doctor’s office they prayed for me, that my sight would be restored. Once we got to the eye doctor he looked into my eye with a microscope and then had me try to read some letters, it didn’t take him long to assess the damage and pronounce that my sight was very severely damaged, however I had already regained some sight.

More than that, my once blue eye had also turned a brilliant green color due to the trauma. He said he could operate but that would probably make it worse. My mother emphatically told him “My son will see again, we believe God will restore his sight.”

The doctor was very shocked when he looked at my eye through the microscope to see that even though my eye had been punctured all the way through to the back that it looked like it was already beginning to heal inside, so he decided not to do anything except put a patch over my eye because of the light sensitivities. He said not to worry, that will go away within a couple of weeks and at that point we can remove the patch for you and recheck the condition of the eye.

Over this period of time while I wore this patch my mother and father continued to pray that God would fully restore my sight. We went back to the Doctor after a couple weeks to have the patch removed and my eye was back to its original blue color and after a brief exam he told us that I had perfect vision in that eye, and my once blind eye has now also become my dominant eye. I was a happy boy!

Sixteen years later, I was now 24 years old. I had recently joined a company to become a financial planner, to market investments and insurance. Part of my training was to set up appointments so my mentor could show me the ropes. After calling friends and family I thought I’d generate more appointments if I started calling people out of the phone book.
Being as large as the phone book was I had no clue of where to start. I figured the ‘A’s had been gone through by many other companies so they probably didn’t want any more unsolicited calls, and I thought ‘Z’ is just too short. So I grabbed the middle of the pages and opened the book, I landed on the ‘S’ section. I thought ‘Smith’ looked like a fairly good portion to pound through as there were multiple pages. So that ended up being my scientific method of finding my start point. I began tirelessly plowing through phone number after phone number, hoping to generate some appointments.

While I was randomly calling all these people I came across a gentlemen that was just as interested on selling me as I was on selling him. He listened for a grand total of about 20 seconds before he could no longer remain silent and he began telling me about Jesus. I never let on that I was a Christian because he was doing so well at sharing the gospel, I wanted to hear more!

But then he began speaking of a story about a boy who lost his sight in a BMX accident. This stunned me as I was thinking, how many kids ride their bikes into barb wire and lose their sight? Maybe I’m not as unique as I thought? I guess this kind of thing happens quite often? While I was contemplating this on the phone, he then explained how God healed this boy, and he received his sight back. I was so intrigued I then interrupted and asked if the boy he was speaking of was named Michael? His voice lit up! He answered YES, do you know him? I said you’re speaking with him.

He almost came through the phone! He immediately asked me to come over to his home and visit him so he could take a look at my eye, he was now in his 70’s, long time retired, but still had some basic examination equipment at his house. When I got there he set me in a chair, examined my eye and said the scar that was once very prevalent is now completely gone. We had a great visit, he said he didn’t know if he would ever get to see me again but he was glad he did, we both marveled at how after 16 years of no contact we finally reconnected.

Twelve more years pass, during which time I haven’t seen or talked to Dr. Smith. I’m now 36 years old. The date is March 11 2012. I was driving my car and praying on my way up to a spot where I’ve parked literally hundreds of times over the years to hike up Mount Boucherie for some fresh air and exercise. I’ll admit my prayer that morning was one more of desperation, sorrow, pain, and crying out to God, wondering if He could even hear my prayers. This was odd compared to the conversations I normally have with God as I’m normally very upbeat and positive no matter what the circumstances may be. However, even though I was on my way to hike I wasn’t overly motivated to do so.

Then it crossed my mind that I had never gone back to the place where I had rode Drake’s BMX into that barb wire fence, I could hardly believe it had been 28 years coupled with the fact that I have driven hundreds of times within a block of this area over the last couple decades. I found it almost strange that for some reason I had never gone back or even thought about going back to relive what happened that day. I’ve never had any fear or emotion attached to what happened, I just simply had never revisited the site.

I figured new home development had taken over long ago and it would be a complete waste of time, but wasting time was all I wanted to do anyways so instead of driving to where I normally park to go hiking, I took a right turn, drove a block and just as I thought there was a road with homes lined all along where an old BMX bike trail once was. The area looked like it was developed 15-20 years ago and I thought to myself it’s just another forgotten piece of my history that’s been paved over and gone forever, never to be remembered.

So I thought, hey I tried, the bike trail is gone, time to stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with my hike, my day, and ultimately my life. As I was looking for an easy place to pull a U-turn I slowly turned onto the paved road that laid over that old bike trail and I stopped my car to ponder. In my mind I was reminiscing what it used to look like, vividly remembering how close that barb wire fence ran along it, imagining where the sharp unexpected corner used to be, but now it was all gone and laid sealed under the pavement.

MICHAEL DRIVE PHOTOAs all this was going through my mind and knowing this piece of my history was long forgotten, gone forever, developed over and laid under pavement, I looked up at the road sign and was shocked to see it read “Michael Dr”. My eyes instantly welled up with tears, and I heard an immediate impression in my heart, “I don’t forget, and you are not forgotten.” I lost composure, pulled over and let the tears run down my face as I pondered in amazement.

Then I realized, this piece of my history was not destroyed by machinery, construction and modern home development, but rather, it was a memorial to His goodness, established, static and permanent, literally cast in pavement and then signposted over it with my name. Just when we think we’re insignificant, God has His way to show us otherwise.

After I pulled myself together I got on with my hike, but after I had hiked, gone home, and hours had passed I was so overwhelmed with what had happened and how God had over the decades orchestrated and planned the name of that road and then revealed it to me right when I really needed to see it, that I decided to write my story down for no other reason except the fact that I couldn’t get it out of my head, so I thought writing might help.

I wrote all this down and decided to email it to a friend. I was amazed how much she liked it, and it seemed that she was a little emotional. So I thought hey, if she liked it maybe others would? So I posted it on Facebook and within an hour I had a friend email me saying that they knew Dr. Smith, because Dr. Smith had led him to the Lord approximately 28 years ago, and that he was still alive, he had his phone number, and that he would love to hear from me!

MICHAEL & DR BOB SMITHIt was now 12 years since my last contact with Dr. Smith when we randomly found each other while cold-calling the white pages. I was excited to have his phone number in hand by email that night. I could barely wait to call him first thing in the morning. After a brief conversation I was over at his house by 11:30am for tea and cookies! He was 84 years young, strongly insisted he be referred to as Bob and not Dr. Smith, full of life, highly intelligent, extremely knowledgeable in scripture, not to mention he had been up skiing at Big White dozens of times that season. (Photo – Dr. Smith & Michael – March 12, 2012)

We spoke for 2 ½ hours that seemed to go by like mere minutes. During our conversation he drew out a picture of the anatomy of the eye and explained what he saw 28 years ago. The reason I’m telling you this is to give you his side of the story, in his words.

Here’s what he said:

“Now here we have this barb wire coming in and it goes like this (draws a hook) so when I looked, the scar on the cornea was right there and it had pierced the iris, and right behind here is the lens, and you pierce the lens you have a cataract right now. But, what usually happens is when this pulls out it rips the whole front off the cornea and all the contents of the eye follows it… but it didn’t. And when I looked in the microscope, here is the pupil, and here is this jagged ripped tissue right out to the iris. With every tiny piece in perfect position as though a master surgeon had arranged it – and I mean a master surgeon, there’s not one that walks this earth that fits that qualification. Normally the iris which is like a piece of wet Kleenex would’ve been washed out and trapped and the eye would’ve become glaucomatous, infected, painful, and ultimately removed, but everything was in place”.

This is why I’m proud to know Him, and humbled to be known by Him!


Wow – thank you Jesus – and now to add just a couple quick points to the story:

It was Dr. Smith who did the initial inspection on Michael’s punctured eye the day he was injured and saw firsthand through the optical microscope the impact of the barbed wire piercing all the way through his eye to the very back of the eye. After seeing through the optical microscope that despite the hole running right through his eye, everything somehow was all miraculously intact with all the parts in perfect position, and that the inside of the eye looked like it was already healing up even though it was only about one and a half hours since the thick shank of hooked barbed wire had been so forcefully driven through his eye, when he heard us proclaim that we were believing the Lord to completely heal him, he decided to do nothing more than just gently swab and clean the external part of the wound and put a patch on his eye as any operation would most likely only make the matter worse.

After two more weeks of prayer and believing God, when the scheduled time came to have the big white cotton patch removed, Dr. Smith was briefly out of town so we went first to Dr. Philip Cody, another brilliant eye doctor in Kelowna who also happened to be a well-known Christian and Dr. Cody was every bit as amazed as Dr. Smith had been when he checked Michael’s eye on the optical microscope, as the greatly enhanced and magnified imaging procedure revealed a long deep hole still running all the way from the lens through to the very back of the eye – but everything was perfectly in place – and the eye had completely healed, and Dr. Cody even let me take a look in the microscope as well to see this marvelous medical phenomenon.

Then he did the standard eye test with the large to small lettered Snellen Chart and shocked us all by stating the injured eye which had been so severely punctured two weeks earlier and by all natural processes should have been totally blind, now had better than 20/20 vision.

Up to that point I had never heard that anyone could actually have better than 20/20 vision – which I later found out is simply what is known as excellent normal vision – but apparently when the Living God does a miracle He can make things even better than they were before.

It was truly a marvelous and well documented miracle and served as yet one more glorious confirmation of the powerful Covenant promises of God which I had been mediating and praying over during my just-completed 40-day fast on water and in particular the wonderful promises of God for divine protection and blessing on the family, as seen in Psalm 91 beginning with the passage, “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress,’ My God, in Him I will trust,’” which verses lead on to the marvelous promise I had immediately prayed and spoke over my son while he was still tangled and caught in the barbwire:

“No evil shall befall you, Neither shall any plague come near your dwelling”

Psalm 91:10