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Available in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Tagalog

Translated into many languages, this book has seen multiplied tens of thousands distributed free of charge to throngs of new converts in many mass campaigns around the world. In this book, Len gives us new believers a succinct yet solid biblical introduction to the most crucial doctrines of Christian Faith including The New Birth, New Creation Realities, Identified With Christ, Water Baptism, Holy Spirit Baptism, Healing from Christ, Christian Growth and Sharing Your Faith. Multitudes more have been born again by simply reading and responding to the Word of God in this book, many others physically healed by acting on the Promises of God, and many more encouraged to be about the “Master’s Business” of sharing their faith and winning souls to Christ. Regardless of whether you are an unbeliever, a new believer or a seasoned believer, this book is for you.


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