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What would Happen if Believers got ‘SOUL FEVER’ like they got ‘GOLD FEVER’

  • GOLD — the dream of a lifetime
  • NUGGETS — as big as your fist
  • GLITTERING TREASURE — more than enough for all

They said it was lying in the mosses, strewn on the trails, shining from the river beds — just waiting for those who would dare to stake their claims.

Fever gripped the nation like an epidemic. Within hours an impassioned drive was underway to reach the Gold Fields. So began one of the most phenomenal stories in the history of the world.

Len Lindstrom, a contemporary revivalist with a passion for souls, recounts the heart stirring saga of the 1898 Klondike Gold Rush and makes it relevant to our lives.

It is a tale of hardship and trial, commitment and sacrifice, vision and victory, heartache and failure. It is an analogy of temporal wealth and Eternal Treasure — culminating in the central theme of what would happen in the Church if we ever got “Soul Fever” the way they got “Gold Fever”.

This book will stir your soul. It will challenge your heart. It could even change your life!


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